Groesbeek Canadian War Cem




Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery ligt aan de "Zevenheuvelenweg".

Er bevinden zich 2610 graven, waarvan 2378(Can), 211(UK),

3(Aus), 1(NZ) en 20(Unk) op dit cemetery.

Er bevinden zich ook 9 graven van andere nationaliteiten.





De meeste van deze graven in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery zijn Canadezen, die sneuvelden in de "Battle of the Rhineland".Waar de 2e en 3e Canadese infanteriedivisies en de 4e Canadese Pantserdivisie aan deelnamen bij het offensief tussen de Maas en de Rijn ter hoogte van Nijmegen, in februari en maart 1945. Anderen die hier begraven zijn, stierven eerder of later in het zuidelijke deel van Nederland en in het Rijnland.








Sergeant Aubrey Cosens

Service No: B/46495

Date of Death: 26 februari 1945 (age 24)

Regiment/Service: Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.

1st Bn.

Awards: V C


Additional Information:

Son of Charles E. and Yvonne Cosens, of Latchford, Ontario.



"The citation in the London Gazette of 18th May, 1945, gives the following details: In Holland, on the night 25/26th February, 1945 the 1st Battalion The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada attacked the hamlet of Mooshof. Sergeant Cosens' platoon, with tanks in support, had as their objective enemy strong-points in three farm-buildings. They were twice beaten back and were then fiercely counterattacked. Their casualties were heavy, including the platoon commander killed. Sergeant Cosens assumed command of the few survivors of the platoon, and placed them so as to give him covering fire while he crossed open ground to the one remaining tank and directed its fire. After a further counter-attack had been repulsed, Sergeant Cosens ordered the tank to attack the three farm-buildings, the remaining men of his platoon following in close support. He himself entered the three buildings in turn, alone, and killed or captured all the occupants. Immediately afterwards he was shot by a sniper, and died almost instantly. His outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership resulted in the capture of a position which was vital to the success of the future operations of the Brigade."





Sergeant A.Cosens


Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

26th February 1945








Rifleman Ben Johnson

Service No: H/18611

Date of Death: 19 februari 1945 (age 20)

Regiment/Service: Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C.


Additional Information:

Son of Stefania Solvelg Johnson, of Baldur, Manitoba.




Rifleman B.Johnson

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles

19th February 1945








Squadron Leader "Pilot" William Thomas Klersy

Service No: J/12199

Date of Death: 22 mei 1945 (age 22)

Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force

401 Sqdn.

Awards: D S O - D F C and Bar


Additional Information:

Son of William P. and Grace G. Klersy, of Toronto, Ontario.




Squadron Leader "Pilot" W.T.Klersy


Royal Canadian Air Force

22nd May 1945






Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Albert Nicklin

Date of Death: 24 maart 1945 (age 30)

Regiment/Service: 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, R.C.I.C.

Awards: OBE


Additional Information:

Son of Percy Harold and Eva Louise Nicklin; husband of Mary Eileen Nicklin, of Port Credit, Ontario.




Lieutenant Colonel J.A.Nicklin


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

24th March 1945






Flight Lieutenant "Pilot" William McKellar Hodgson

Service No: 129945

Date of Death: 27 december 1944 (age 24)

Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

109 Sqdn.

Awards: DFC - AFM


Additional Information:

Son of Ernest Ralph Waterhouse Hodgson and Mary Lees McKellar Hodgson, of Cardal, Florida, Uruguay.




Flight Sergeant "Pilot" W.Mc K. Hodgson


Royal Air Force

27th December 1944






Corporal Stanley Harold Matchwick

Service No: 5339500

Date of Death: 25 maart 1945 (age 39)

Regiment/Service: Seaforth Highlanders

5th Bn.

Awards: MM & Bar



Corporal S.H.Matchwick

MM & Bar

The Seaforth Highlanders

25th March 1945




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