Nederweert Cemetery




Nederweert War Cemetery ligt aan de "Monseigneur Kreyelmanstraat".

Er bevinden zich 362 graven, waarvan 304(UK), 3(Aus), 37(Can), 1(Ind), 4(NZ), 1(SA) en 12(Unk) op dit cemetery.












MajorStanislaus Odo De Burgh Snape Macartney

Service No: 52286

Date of Death: 21 januari 1945 (age 43)

Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Fusiliers

2nd Bn.


Additional Information:

(known as "SAM"). Son of John and Kathleen Snape of Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia; husband of Sylvia Mary MacNish Macartney, of Tallow, Co. Carlow, Irish Republic.




Major S.O. De B.S. "Sam" Macartney

trhe Royal Irish Fusiliers

21st January 1945






Major Archer Jack Greathed

Date of Death: 21 januari 1945 (age 44)

Regiment/Service: General List, Canadian Army


Additional Information:

Son of Edward Archer Greathed and of Janet Georgina Greathead (nee Croft); husband of Mary Gladys Greathed (nee Laird), of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.




Major A.J.Greathed

General List

Canadian Army

21st January 1945






Major Richard Percy

Service No: 34947

Date of Death: 31 oktober 1944 (age 38)

Regiment/Service: Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Awards: Mentioned in Despatches


Additional Information:

Son of Percy Scott Whelan and Edythe Laura Whelan, of Henfield, Sussex.




Major R.P.Whelan

the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

31st October 1944







Sergeant W.K.A.Bellenger


the Devonshire Regiment

18th February 1945






Lance Corporal Henry Eric Harden

Service No: 11006144

Date of Death: 23 januari 1945 (age 32)

Regiment/Service: Royal Army Medical Corps

attd. No. 45 R.M. Commando Royal Marines

Awards: V C


Additional Information:

Son of William Thomas Harden and Fanny Marie Harden, of Northfleet, Kent; husband of Maud Harden, of Northfleet.



"The citation in the London Gazette of 9th March, 1945, gives the following details: In North-West Europe on 23rd January, 1945 the leading section of a Royal Marine Commando Troop having come under intense machine-gun fire was ordered to make for some houses close by. Four of the section had been wounded and were left lying in the open. Under continuous fire Lance Corporal Harden at once went forward and with great coolness and bravery attended to the four casualties. He then carried one of them back to cover. He was ordered not to go forward again and an attempt was made to bring in the remaining casualties with the aid of tanks, but this proved unsuccessful owing to the heavy and accurate fire of anti-tank guns. A second attempt under a smoke-screen also proving unsuccessful, Lance Corporal Harden insisted in going forward with a volunteer stretcher party and succeeded in bringing back another badly wounded man. He went out a third time, and whilst returning with the stretcher party, he was killed. Throughout this long period Lance-Corporal Harden displayed superb devotion to duty and personal courage of the highest order. His action was directly responsible for saving the lives of the wounded brought in, while his complete contempt for all personal danger, and the magnificent example he set of cool courage and determination to continue with his work, whatever the odds, was an inspiration to his comrades and will never be forgotten by those who saw it."




L.Cpl. H.E.Harden


Royal Army Medical Corps

Attd. no 45 R.M.Commando

23rd January 1945






Flying Officer "Air Gnr." Edmund Bruce Carleton

Service No: J/88306

Date of Death: 15 maart 1945 (age 22)

Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force

419 Sqdn.

Awards: D F M


Additional Information:

Son of Stanley and Irene Carleton, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; husband of Evelyn Grace Carleton, of Toronto.




Flying Officer "A.G." E.B.Carleton


Royal Canadian Air Force

15th March 1945






Flying Officer "Air Gnr." Earle Robert Evans

Service No: J/17548

Date of Death: 15 maart 1945 (age 20)

Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force

428 Sqdn.

Awards: D F C


Additional Information:

Son of Albert Edward and Bessie Calburn Evans, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.




Flying Officer "A.G." E.R.Evans


Royal Canadian Air Force

15th March 1945






Lance Corporal Samuel Andserson

Service No: 3056383

Date of Death: 31 oktober (age 23)

Regiment/Service: Royal Scots 8th Bn.

Awards: B E M


Additional Information:

Son of Samuel and Grace Anderson, of Dundee.




L.Cpl. S.Anderson


the Royal Scots

31st October 1944





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