Wytschaete Mil Cemetery




Wytschaete Military Cemetery ligt aan de "Wijtschatestraat".

Er bevinden zich 1002 graven, waarvan 311(UK), 5(Can), 1(NZ), 1(SA), 11(Aus) en 673(Unk) op dit cemetery.
















"To the memory of these two Britisch soldiers killed in action 1915 & 1917 and buried at the time in rest and be thankful farm Kemmel whose graves were destroyed in later battles."





Gunner C.W. Weidner

Service No: 171538

Date of Death: 5 juni 1917

Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery

"A" Bty. 59th Bde.


Grave Reference

"Rest and Be Thankful" Farm, Kemmel, Mem. 3.


Gunner C.W.Weidner

Royal Field Artillery

5th June 1917






Private Henry Green

Service No: 14235

Date of Death: 7 juni 1917 (age 20)

Regiment/Service: Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)

9th Bn.


Additional Information:

Son of Charles William and Annie Green.



"At 2.00 a.m. 33rd Brigade came under the orders of the 16th n(Irish) Division which would be in the main assault.

At 9.25 a.m., the Brigade and the 9th Sherwoods were ordered to begin making their way towards the front line trenches facing Wytschaete via the comminication trench network. Specifically the 33rd Brigade was to assemble around Vandamme Farm.

Unfortunately the plans were already coming unstuck. For some unexplained reason the orders sent to 33rd Brigade at 9.25 a.m. (to assemble at Vandamme Farm some 2 1/2 miles away) were not delivered until 10.45 a.m. Already nearly 1 1/2 hours behind schedule the Brigade moved as swiftly as possible and later received orders to move on to Rommens Farm in the forward assembly area. The brigade reached Rommens Farm at 3.50 p.m.

The lateness of the 33rd Brigade had already been noted but, despite attempts to alter it at the latest minute, the battle plan was already in operation elsewhere and unstoppable. Consequently the Brigade on 33rd's left, 57th, had to attack without the expected flanking support of the 33rd.

Similarly, Australian units on 33rd's right had to go it alone. Luckily, despite problems, 57th Brigade and the Australians did well in their attacks and when 33rd finally arrived it had the rlatively easy task of attacking fewer targets than it had originally been earmarked for.

At 4.30 p.m., assisted by four tanks, 33rd Brigade attacked Joye Farm and Van Hove Farm. There was limited German resistance and the two farms were swiftly occupied. For the 9th Sherwoods losses were incredibly light, just six men killed, though sadly they included Harry Green. His platoon of about 20 men were advancing in line when a shell landed squarely in the middle of them. In one way Harry Green was fortunate: his body was recovered and buried in Wytschaete. His comrades were either not recovered, not identified, or their graves subsequently lost."




Private H.Green

Notts' & Derby Regiment

7th June 1917











In commemoration of the

victory of Wytschaete June

7th 1917 in memory of those

who fell therein and of all

Irishman who gave their

lives in the Great war r.i.p.



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